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Bishop T.A. Price
Dr. Lady Marie Price

The Light of the World's history spans 43 years in the thriving Silicon Valley. When first established in November 1965, there was no "Silicon Valley". She arose and blossomed out of plum and apricot orchards. The church started in the then Elder and Sister Price's living room in their modest apartment located

in an alley following their recent nuptials in Phoenix, AZ. The congregation of a house -to-house prayer band quickly grew to twenty members.

They then relocated to their second residence/church in 1966 and quickly grew

to fifty members. In 1969, they moved their small congregation from a converted two bedroom house to their first humble sanctuary. 

In the fall of 1972, Bishop Price's and the Light of the World's history of church building began with the construction of the first three edifices. This modes army of 125 members quickly grew to almost 200, and the saints had to race to

church to get a good seat. Consequently, in 1976, the construction

began on their million dollar cathedral. After many obstructive and delaying deliberations with the San Jose's City Hall with rezoning, building permits, and annexation to the city, the church was victorious and the cathedral was completed. The congregation marched into their new cathedral on Senter Road on December 25, 1977.

In 1991, the call to build came again to Bishop Price. The Cathedral located on Senter Road was sold to another congregation, but the Light of the World's plans for building in its future location was held up, yet again, by the San Jose City Council and by the neighbors to the land of the proposed site. The City Council voted unanimously refusal of the building a church in a location that had been previously zoned for a Seventh Day Adventist Chuirch. This delay caused this well established congregation to be without a church home for six months, being relocated to a rented hall in February of 1991. After much fervent prayer and fasting, the entire congregation went before the City Council once again. The Lord moved upon Mayor McEnery to cause unprecedented revote and the City Council overeturned their decisions giving the Light of the World the approval to build and overrule the neighbor's protests. Astoundingly the Light of the World congregation moved into their new beautiful edifice (nestled in the foothills of San Jose) on September 8, 1991, six and a half months after construction began.

Additionally, to Bishop and Dr. Price's credit, the Light of the World Church is responsible for a cattle ranch, cucumber farm, Angelic Daycare Center, Angelic Recording company, a state licensed Credit Union, restaurants in the U.S., Fiji and Cook Islands, a Cathedral build in the Cook Islands from materials shipped from the United States, and the formations of the South Pacific District Council consisting of approximately twenty-five churches and the best is yet to come! Light of the World Church Christian

Light of the World Church Christian

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